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Furnace Repair Houston

Furnace Repair Houston TX ,

The vast majority of homes in America have a gas furnace as a part of their heating, cooling and air conditioning (HVAC) system. These units are designed to provide heat to a home's environment and hot water. When a furnace breaks down a home owner will have to call in a service technician Like AC Expert Cooling & Heating in order to get it operational. Here is some information about the services that furnace repair technicians in Houston TX , Humble TX , Spring TX , Kingwood TX , The Woodlands TX offer to homeowners.

Different Types of Furnaces

There are three different types of furnaces and they include the pilot light models, electric units and gas fired heaters. Standard pilot light models require a lit pilot light in order to work. The pilot light on these models must remain lit 24 hours a day in order to work properly.

Electric units will automatically fire up a pilot light whenever heat is needed within a home. Gas fired heating units are stand alone heaters that must be manually heated in order to provide warmth to a particular space such as garages, sheds or spaces inside of large areas such as a warehouse.

Common Problems with Furnaces

One of the biggest problems that people have with their furnaces has to do with their pilot light. The pilot light on many gas furnaces are prone to go out. The biggest culprit for this problem has to do with wind that is created from the unit as it cycles through its heating process or outside air that manages to blow through a person's home whenever they open a door or window. People can relight these furnaces on their own but since the units are gas powered they are strongly encouraged to call in a technician to provide this service. Gas powered furnaces also experience this problem as well.

Since electric furnaces have problems with lighting up the pilot when needed. If an electric unit has trouble firing up the pilot then an owner should call in a service technician because they simply can not light the pilot on their own. Power to the Furnace

Sometimes a furnace will not work because it does not have power. When this happens a homeowner can check their fuse box to ensure that power is being supplied to the unit. If the fuse is on and power is not still coming through the unit then chances are it is something wrong with the unit and the services of a technician will be required. Other Problems with Furnaces

The blower, capacitor or motor could all have issues which causes a furnace unit to stop working properly. When a unit does not heat up or if the air does not flow through the vents then it could be a problem with the blower or thermostat. Again, a furnace unit is a complicated and dangerous piece of equipment. Homeowners should never attempt to repair them if they do not have the knowledge to diagnose and repair the unit. Furnace repair technicians in Houston can fix problems and issues with furnace units so that families can provide heat to their homes when it is needed the most.

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